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By Land Investors for Land Investors

Are you a busy land-flipper, developer, wholesaler, home-builder, investor, real estate agent or looking to buy land for a subdivision or your personal use?

Do you need detailed information about the property, but can’t or don’t want to spend hours, days and weeks to get all the answers?

Are you tired and frustrated doing the painful internet searches to find the relevant county accessors, waiting on hold on the many phone calls, to gather essential data on the parcel you’re analysing?

Have you thought about hiring land specialists who’ve been there, done that and keep evaluating land to wholesale, or conduct a minor or major subdivision development?

Yep, We know the pains too well.

Due diligence is complex and time consuming. We'll do it for you so you can focus on building, not running your business.

We’ve got your back!

“Outsourcing the time consuming due diligence work to our BreezyLand service team was the only way we could scale.”

- Jared B., Florida

We’ll help you do more of what you really love (and less of what you don’t).

We provide highly experienced land services to enable busy entrepreneurs to be less overwhelmed, have a more balanced life, and grow their passion for their businesses.

Why us?

Because we know your pain.

Get your time back and grow your business with our experienced land specialists. Our land & RE journey has been challenging over the years. We understand the complexities and data needed to make educated land acquisition decisions. Only we can meet our and your expectations and deliver actionable results.

Get Your Due Diligence Today!

Property Info Nationwide

Get your full Due Diligence Report & 3D Interactive Map on any property in the continental US, with current answers directly from the county assessor, land specialists and data sources.

100+ Data Points

Get 100+ essential and up-to-date due diligence data points such as zoning, flood maps, utilities, building limits, road access, covenants, restrictions, regulations, local utility company contact info, and dozens more.

Need Title Search?

Yep, we can do that too. Just hit the button and our team will run a preliminary title search for county deed-, tax, easements, chain of title and many more facts that are helpful for you to determine the value of the land.

Extend Your Team

As land professionals, we know the complexities and pains involved in obtaining and processing the many things necessary to run a successful land acquisitions business.

Let us help you gain back some time by having our team become part of your process.

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Our Mission is to Make Your Life Easier

You’re busy working ON your business. No need to work IN your business. Focus on what you do best and outsource the rest.

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BreezyLand Services

BreezyLand is a division of Breezopoly LLC, a privately owned real estate and land investment firm with its headquarters in Arizona. Founded in 2007, we buy and sell commercial real estate (multifamily) and vacant land in the USA.

BreezyLand Services provides professional land services for everything a land investor needs to grow their business.

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